3 Tricks For Fuller Lips! And A Lip Liner Isn't One Of Them

Although it may seem like a fairly recent trend, the appeal of pouty, pillowy lips is in fact nothing new. For decades plump lips have indicated a sign of youth and a symbol of attractiveness.

Nevertheless the rapid rise of the desire for big lips particularly via lip fillers and overlining with a lip liner is something none of us can deny. 

Discover 3 great tricks on how to achieve the appearance of naturally fuller lips minus the needles and liners.

Adding a lighter lip colour to the centre of your lips

Fill your lips in with your desired colour then take a lighter shade such as Pink Sapphire and dab a small amount in the centre of your lips. Adding a lighter shade to the centre of your pout brings dimension giving you lips the illusion of looking fuller.

Waxing or threading

Another effective trick to fuller lips is removing upper lip hair. Facial hair is something we all have, some thicker than others and of course there's nothing wrong with this as it's totally natural. Still,for another great lip tip, keep reading.

When you wax or thread your upper lip you remove a dark shadow of hair away from that area exposing more of your top lip, this allows your pout to instantly look fuller and plumper.

Whether you're a wax or thread girl instead of doing this at home we recommend a trip to the salon and getting it done by a professional.

Foundation & Concealer

For those who aren't keen on the waxing/threading method, a good old makeup trick doesn't go a miss. 

Using a small brush, dip into your foundation and apply to your upper lip hair making sure to follow each stroke in the way the hairs grow, repeat until the hairs are well blended and covered. 

For extra coverage, using a small brush lightly go over any hairs with a tiny amount of concealer, remember not to be too heavy handed here, quick but gentle motions stop the foundation underneath from moving around.

Next, apply a light dusting of translucent setting powder to set everything in place and increase longevity of the makeup, but be careful, too much setting powder can in fact reveal any hairs so a light dusting in this area of the lip is really all you need.

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