How To: Create A Gradient Lip, The Korean Way

Experimenting with the 'gradient lip' trend aka the 'popsicle lip' made popular by the K-beauty scene. I'm always playing with my makeup and in particularly trying out new ways to wear lip colours and I am fascinated by low-key method of wearing colour on the lips.

The idea is that by dabbing a little colour on the centre of your pout then blurring it outwards creates a fresh, understated alternative to a full lip of colour.

This is totally ideal for those makeup days where you want something a little casual and as a bonus is a great way to make your product stretch as you only need a little bit of high pigmented gloss to achieve this look.

Admittedly, I'm still practicing this technique but I've added a little step by step in this clip to show you how I achieved this lush lip look using the Natural Gloss Lip Gloss.

If after watching this video you give this look a go, tag @kitakaoflondon we'd love to see how you got on