7 Essentials To Keep On Your Bedside Table

Did you know how much influence your bedside can have on how you start and end your day? From mid-night wake-ups to bedtime essentials the items you place by your side before you go to sleep and wake up matter.

Here are 7 Essentials To Keep On Your Bedside Table.

1. A good lip balm

I'm sure this is no surprise, a good hydrating lip balm is first on the list as a bedside must-have. The most important time of the day to take care of your lips are at night. Get full pout protection from the nights cold air by applying a thick layer of lip balm just before you go to bed. The Goodnight Goddess lip has been formulated for this exact purpose, restoring dry suffering lips to smooth and suppleness, overnight!

2. Water

Nobody wants to wake up out of their cosy bed and do the 4am walk to the kitchen for a glass of water because of a dry mouth. Some would even say better to push through the night and deal with it in the morning. But you don't have to, keep a carafe and a glass of water by your bedside so the mid wake-up thirst is within reach for faster relief.

3. A notebook/journal

Instead of going to bed with a mind that is still running on overload from the events of the day, keep a notebook or a journal close to write things down. Getting some of your thoughts out of your head and down on paper is a great way to clear your mind.

4. A book

Whether you're a bookworm or just trying to make reading more of a habit, keeping your book on your bedside table is ideal. If you struggle to finish the books choose to read because you get distracted, set yourself a goal to read just one page every night, eventually it will become second nature to read before bed.

5. A lamp

Do not underestimate the importance of using a lamp, yes you need to it to read, but using a lamp before you go to bed is so much more than support for your eyes. A lamp let's your body know it's time to wind down helping to reset your circadian rhythm and get into the routine of a good sleep/wake cycle. Knowing how to reset your body clock is important for boosting your mood and improving your sleep.

6. Scented candle

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend lighting your candle before you get into bed, because if you're anything like me you will definitely forget to put it out which of course is extremely dangerous. However, without being lit you can still reap the benefits. Keeping a scented candle close to where you lay can help you have a good night's sleep just from its aroma alone. Choose fragrances such as lavender, cedarwood, neroli and sandalwood.

7. A bedside clock

Yes, you can look at the time on your phone, but hear me out.

When you reach for your phone to check the time you risk starting of your day on the wrong foot. Because let's face it, after you've checked the time what will you do next? Check social media, check your Whatsapp messages, your emails, missed calls etc. and immediately your mind starts to go into overdrive before you have even left the bed. Using a bedside clock to check the time gives you more control over your mood which can set the tone for the entire day.


And restore a dry, suffering pout from the evening air to plump, kissable lips with the Goodnight Goddess Multipurpose Overnight Lip Balm. 

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