The K-Beauty Lip Trend Which Take Less Than Five Minutes

Otherwise known as the 'popsicle lip' the gradient lip trend popularised by the K-beauty scene has recently evolved quite massively and while the ombre, two-toned lip which was popular a few years ago was quite a hit, this subtle look is much more wearable and despite looking quite complexed it is in fact so easy and simple to achieve.

To create this 'I just sucked on a lollipop' lip look use a gloss from the Natural Gloss Lip Gloss collection. Using a gloss for this look makes it easier to blur and blend out leaving a beautiful dewy effect.

How To Get The Look

  • Brush a medium sized amount of concealer over your lips, this helps smooth out any lines or wrinkles and will act as a blank canvas helping the colour to show up better.
  • Apply your favourite lip colour ONLY to the centre of your top and bottom lip using a dotting motion, I'd recommend choosing a bold colour such as Onyx or Amethyst but if you prefer something more subtle Morganite is the most ideal. Start with a small amount of product then slowly build it up.
  • Press your lips together little by little until you see it forming the gradient effect, you can add more product to the centre of your lips to create more intensity repeating the same pressing motion.
  • Finally, using your finger or a cotton bud blur out the colour to achieve a natural-looking gradient (using your fingers ensures you don't take away too much product)

And that's it! You have an easy, on trend lip in less than five minutes.

Extra tips:

  • Exfoliate  your lips first to buff away any stubborn flakes
  • Apply a balm before applying the concealer to soften lips
  • If you're wearing your gradient lip out to lunch remember to pack your Natural Gloss for bathroom touch ups, the best thing about this look is that is it so easy to maintain throughout the day

Watch this video to see How To Create A Korean Inspired Gradient Lip

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