How To: Exfoliate Your Lips The Correct Way


Lip exfoliation, a key but underrated way of transforming dry and chapped lips into a pout which is smooth, soft and kissable. For many of us we're familiar with body scrubs and the benefits of polishing away dry skin from our bodies to reveal skin which is brighter and smooth, well the same goes for our lips.

A pout which is dry and damaged can be the result of many factors including harsh weather conditions, dehydration, and even stress. Applying an exfoliant will buff away dead skin cells revealing lips which look and feel healthier.

Exfoliating your lips comes with many benefits and does wonders for lip restoration. Nevertheless, as lip scrub formulas are predominately made up of sugar crystals meaning the texture tends to be quite abrasive which if not done correctly can cause you lips further damage. 

How To Exfoliate Your Lips The Correct Way

  • Before you begin be sure to start with lips which are clean and dry. Gently remove all traces of lipstick and lip gloss from your lips and pat dry
  • Apply the lip scrub using small circular motions for no longer than a minute being careful not to press too hard as this could cause irritation. Allow the scrub to sit on your lips for 5 minutes or so 
  • Using a damp cloth gently wipe away any excess scrub and follow up with a rich lip balm to soothe and soften. 

When & Why Should You Exfoliate?

As our lips are covered by the thinnest layer of skin compared to rest of our body, they are quickly prone to damage. It's good to keep this in mind when adding a scrub to your lip routine, with its rough texture you only need to exfoliate 1-2 times a week to restore and maintain suppleness. Other reasons to exfoliate 

  • Increases blood flow for plumper looking lips
  • Reveals fresh, smooth skin
  • Prevents dehydration which can lead to sore, cracked lips
  • A great way to prep your lips to smoothness before wearing a lip colour

Which Lip Scrub Should You Use?

Most lip scrubs on the market will do a great and effective job, choose scrubs which include soothing and soft ingredients such as butters and honey (agave if you're vegan) as this is what your lips will benefit from the most.

Always follow up your exfoliation by applying a thick layer of the Goodnight Goddess Multipurpose Overnight Lip Balm for smoother, softer, kissable lips.

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