How To: Multiuse The Goodnight Goddess Lip Balm



With so many reasons to fall in love with the Goodnight Goddess Lip Balm, it's difficult to chose just one feature that stands out amongst the rest. Still, we can say the best aspect of this rich lip conditioner is its multi use formula.

Created and designed to protect your pout from the cold air throughout the night, the Goodnight Goddess Lip Balm is also favoured for having the ability to buff away flakes, soothe dry skin patches, and soften before applying a lipstick colour.

Learn how to make the most from our new favourite lip care essential.

Overnight -  At night, once the air cools down your lips are much more prone to dryness and chapping.

To maintain healthy, soft, supple lips. Just before you go to sleep, apply a generous amount of the Goodnight Goddess Lip Balm protect them from the cold air. You could also do this as the very last step in your nighttime skincare routine, it is important that any excess traces of lipstick or gloss from the day have been thoroughly but gently wiped clean before applying the balm.

Exfoliate - If your lips need extra care, using the mini spatula, scoop some of the lip balm into your hand, sprinkle in some brown sugar (it can be white) and use the spatula to mix and turn the balm into a gentle scrub

Using small circular motions, exfoliate your lips to buff away dry flakes and promote blood circulation helping your lips appear healthier, and plumper. Allow the scrub to melt into your lips for 2-3 minutes before gently wiping away any excess scrub using a face cloth.

Lastly, apply a thick layer of the balm to your lips as the last step of this routine just before you go bed.

Daytime - Use as a daily lip conditioner by applying throughout the day to add extra moisture and nourishment to your lips. Try not to share your lip pot with others unless you know they have clean hands. Too many different fingers in your pot can cause bacteria and lead to cold sores and lip infections.

Prep - Soften and smooth your lips for an even application of colour by blotting some of the Goodnight Goddess Lip Balm on your lips before wearing a pigmented lipstick or lip gloss. This is will also minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Relieve - Soothe dry skin patches by massaging small amounts of lip balm to the affected area. You may find you need to reapply more often in colder seasons.

Goodnight Goddess Multipurpose Overnight Lip Balm

If you have severe skin conditions we recommend seeking advice from your GP.

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